Ron Jaworski Breaks Down Jaguars QB Blake Bortles’ Struggles


Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski gave his opinions on Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles and his struggles Friday morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio and television show.

“What I’m seeing is absolutely shocking,” Jaworski said.

“When we were at his Pro Day, it was very, very impressive and I predicted him to be a terrific NFL quarterback.  What I’ve seen now on tape is a breakdown in fundamentals. He has an elongated delivery, the footwork, the poor balance causing poor accuracy and ball placement.”

What has caused the significant dropoff in Bortles play?

Jaws thinks it’s how he’s being coached, or non-coached.

“All of that leads me to believe that he’s not being coached hard enough,” the former Eagles quarterback explained. “I think you need to coach the quarterback position harder and tougher than any other position on the football field.  Most teams do not.  They treat the quarterback like a prima donna and they let them get away with too much and they don’t coach them hard enough.”

Can Bortles return to being an elite prospect?  Maybe not where he currently resides.

“When I watch the ‘decinigration’ of Blake Bortles it bothers me because I know how the kid played a few years ago and I know the talent he has.  He’s clearly underachieving in Jacksonville,” said Jaworski.

The one thing we do know is that Bortles won’t be coached by the current staff next season as it seems like a foregone conclusion that head coach Gus Bradley will lose his job at season’s end, in approximately 44 days.  It’s unclear whether Bortles will go with him or if the current or new general manager is going to continue nurturing an investment that seems to be losing more value on a weekly basis.

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