Richard Sherman Apologizes For Verbal Attack


Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman is known for being one of the most outspoken players in the NFL.

On Monday, he took his words too far as he threatened to ruin the career of a local radio reporter when he and Jim Moore from ESPN 710 had this exchange:

“What I don’t quite understand is Darrell Bevell is calling plays and he thinks they’re going to work and yet you think you maybe have a better handle of what should be called?” Jim Moore of seattlepi.com asked, via Curtis Crabtree of 950 KJR in Seattle.

“No, we’ve just had a prior experience so we talked about it,” Sherman responded. “But let me guess, you have a better play call. Let me guess, you have better experience.”

“No, I don’t have better experience,” Moore said.

“Then you should probably, you know, stop,” Sherman said.

Later, after his weekly press conference ended, Sherman didn’t stop.

“You don’t want to go there,” Sherman said to Moore. “You do not. I’ll ruin your career.”

“You’ll ruin my career?” Moore said.

“Yes. Yes, I will.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“I’ll make sure you don’t get your media pass any more,” Sherman said.

“Oh, is that right?” Moore said.

“Yes. Yes it is,” Sherman said.

Sherman would later apologize via his Twitter account.

Sherman then joked.

Sherman, the Stanford graduate is the smartest guy in most rooms he walks into.  With that in mind, he should know that there are two battles a player and/or coach can never win: the battle with the fans and the media.  Seemingly every time Sherman opens his mouth, he becomes less likable and thus less marketable.

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