Report: Jaguars To Hire Doug Marrone As Head Coach


According to an ESPN report, the Jacksonville Jaguars are prepared to take the interim label off of interim head coach Doug Marrone.

The move is questionable, to say the very least.

Initially, if Marrone was a real contender for the job, why didn’t they fire Gus Bradley sooner?  They had a great opportunity to “try before you buy” with Marrone, but the team waited until just after Week 15 to make the move.

Next, why be the first team to make a head coaching move….if this was the move.  Marrone isn’t exactly a “hot name” and it feels as if the team didn’t do their due diligence with this particular hire.

The rest of the questions have to do with promoting a losing culture.  We know Marrone is a different head coach than Bradley, and he’s experienced more success, but what about the rest of the staff?  Jacksonville arguably has the worst coordinators and coaching staff of any in the NFL and they will all be retained.

If you’re a Jaguars fan today, there’s not much more of a reaction than a major head-scratch.  The team has basically told everyone “everything is fine” while the house was burning down around them.  Now they are basically selling the fact that Marrone had all the answers, but wouldn’t tell Bradley?  Or that Bradley wouldn’t listen?

Jacksonville has been one of the laughing stock’s of the NFL over the past decade, as they have the second-worst record throughout that time (behind Cleveland).  Promoting a guy who was on one of the worst staff’s in football add credence to the perception that Shad Khan and his son Tony do not have the necessary skills to build a winning organization.

The Jaguars have a progressive front office and their marketing ideas have been something they should be lauded for.  They have state of the art facilities that are only getting better, and they use technology and advanced metrics to make some of their decisions.

This decision makes about as much sense as hopping in the end zone pool on a 40-degree day.

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Charlie Bernstein

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