NFL Week 6 Observations


We will give you a couple points and nuggets about each NFL team from this weekend’s games.

Jets 34, Redskins 20

The Jets are taking care of business against the bad teams….which is what good teams do.  This week will be a nice measuring stick against the Patriots……Washington is playing the worst quarterback on their roster and Jay Gruden is going to go down with the Kirk Cousins ship.

Steelers 25, Cardinals 13

The Steelers played Landry Jones almost exclusively during preseason and he looked terrible.  They were forced to play him in a real game and he was functional.  Jones needs to be the guy until Ben is healthy…..The Cards lost a game that good teams should win, against backup and then third-string quarterbacks.  This loss may hurt them down the line.

Vikings 16, Chiefs 10

Not everything is great in Minnesota because Teddy Bridgewater can’t get his team in the end zone.  Stefon Diggs is emerging as a nice receiving option, as they don’t have a true No 1….Kansas City needs to play Chase Daniel and do their best to trade Alex Smith, if anyone would give anything more than a bag of chips for him.

Bengals 34, Bills 21

The Bengals continue to take care of their business and they have as good of a roster as there is in the NFL.  There’s no reason to jump off the Cincy bandwagon anytime soon…..Buffalo needs Tyrod Taylor back to have any shot at the postseason, but they should win in London against Jacksonville regardless of who plays quarterback.

Lions 37, Bears 34 (OT)

Detroit still needs a major reboot as Jim Caldwell and Joe Lombardi are doing the least with the most…..The Bears look like a much improved team as far as coaching under John Fox instead of Marc Trestman.

Broncos 26, Browns 23 (OT)

The Broncos defense is playing at a very high level, but they are stuck with Peyton Manning playing the way he is.  They can’t bench him at 6-0, but they’re not a real contender with him…..Josh McCown had a chance to be a hero and couldn’t get the job done with multiple opportunities late.  Business as usual for the Browns.

Texans 31, Jaguars 20

The Texans didn’t look particularly impressive in their win over the Jaguars, but it’s clear that Brian Hoyer is the guy who should be starting…..The Jaguars can’t get out of their own way and there’s no real end in sight.  They have talent.

Dolphins 38, Titans 10

The Dolphins responded under Dan Campbell against a two-win team from last year; This doesn’t mean Campbell is the right guy for the job, and if the players played harder for him, then they need to look in the mirror…..Tennessee is seeing a little bit of a regression from Marcus Mariota and that’s expected, as the team simply isn’t that talented around him.  

Panthers 27, Seahawks 23

Cam Newton is the most valuable player in the NFL right now.  He is the heart and soul of that team and with him under center there isn’t a game that the Panthers can’t win, anywhere….Seattle has major issues on offense and Russell Wilson is not playing as well as his numbers would suggest.

Packers 27, Chargers 20

If the Packers can get home field advantage, there’s probably not a team in the NFC that will have a good chance to win a playoff game in Lambeau Field…..Philip Rivers looks like he’ll go down as a great quarterback who will never play in a Super Bowl.  Keenan Allen is also one of the best receivers in the league that is never mentioned.

49ers 25, Ravens 20

Colin Kaepernick is playing good football over the past two weeks, even if nobody wants to admit that.  Who thought that the 49ers and Seahawks would play each other this week with identical records?….Baltimore seemingly can’t win close games, and there’s no one area that stands out as deficient.

Patriots 34, Colts 27

The Pats defense looked like they were exposed a bit in the secondary.  That’s about their only real flaw…..The Colts are an average team that plays in a terrible division.  They need a reboot.

Eagles 27, Giants 7

It’s a little funny that through all of the changes Chip Kelly has made, his defense is better than his offense.  Kelly needs to seriously consider benching Sam Bradford…..The Giants aren’t good enough to turn the ball over as much as they do and still win.  With that said, they’re still tied for first place.

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