NFL Week 5 Picks


Last week we went out on a few limbs and the picks didn’t turn out so well  We hope to give a better effort this week as we look at each of the Week 5 games.

New England vs. Cleveland

The Patriots have Tom Brady back and the Browns….are the Browns.  This one doesn’t figure to be particularly close.  Pats 38, Browns 10. 

Philadelphia vs. Detroit

Carson Wentz has to have a bad game sooner or later, right?  It’s probably not Sunday against this Detroit Lions defense.  Eagles 20, Lions 13. 

Chicago vs. Indianapolis

The Colts roster is awful around Andrew Luck and their GM is now making excuses with the attempt to save his own…bacon?  It doesn’t matter because Chicago is coming to town coming off their first win and this is a recipe for a blowout.  Colts 41, Bears 20. 

Tennessee vs. Miami

Two really bad teams playing after a hurricane.  The Titans will try to run the football (because that’s all they can do).  This game will be ugly and Miami will come out on top.  Dolphins 16, Titans 13. 

Washington vs. Baltimore

The Redskins have more talent than the Ravens, but the Ravens coaching and quarterback are much better.  It’s a better culture in Baltimore, and they will win the game.  Ravens 20, Redskins 16.

Houston vs. Minnesota

The Vikings defense is great and they haven’t been turning the ball over.  That’s a recipe for success against anyone, especially a Texans team that does turn the ball over.  Vikings 23, Texans 17. 

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh

The Jets are desperate and their season could be lost by Sunday night.  We usually like the more desperate team when talent is roughly equal, but it’s not here.  Still, it will be closer than you think.  Steelers 24, Jets 21. 

Atlanta vs. Denver

This is a great measuring stick game for the Falcons and their explosive offense.  The Broncos defense will continue to be dominant and good defense usually beats good offense.  Broncos 27, Falcons 16.  

Cincinnati vs. Dallas

It’s impressive that the Cowboys are 3-1 with a rookie quarterback, but they’ve beaten some bad teams.  The Bengals are the best opponent that Dallas has faced and they will go on the road and win.  Bengals 20, Cowboys 17. 

Buffalo vs. Los Angeles

What a difference a few weeks makes?  The Rams were the laughing stock of the league after Week 1 and the Bills weren’t much less than that.  One or both of these teams will be over .500 after this game and it’s unlikely that Buffalo can travel three time zones and still win.  Rams 27, Bills 20.

San Diego vs. Oakland

Those poor Chargers; They lost their best secondary player in Jason Verrett for the season after losing Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead.  Mike McCoy has no chance and they don’t have the horses to compete with Oakland.  Raiders 31, Chargers 27. 

New York Giants vs. Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers versus the Giants secondary.  Add in an extra week of preparation and it doesn’t seem all that fair.  Packers 31, Giants 20. 

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina

The Bucs can really put a dagger into the Panthers playoff hopes on national television.  Carolina’s secondary is in shambles and Tampa could be without Gerald McCoy.  Jameis Winston will show up in a big way.  Bucs 24, Panthers 23. 

Last week: 6-9

Season: 29-32

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