NFL Week 3 Observations


Buffalo 33, Arizona 18

The Bills fired the offensive coordinator last week and somehow improved considerably on defense.  It was likely more a product of Carson Palmer’s inconsistency….The Cardinals may end up regretting this loss late in the season when they don’t win the division.  There seems to be some sort of NFC title game hangover.  

Oakland 17, Tennessee 10

Things are back on track for the Raiders as they’re now 2-0 on the road, and it’s always important to win AFC games.  Make no mistake, this game was more of an indictment on the Titans than a great performance by Oakland….Now that there’s a full season of tape on Marcus Mariota he’s going to have to make some more adjustments to avoid a sophomore slump.

Miami 30, Cleveland 24 (OT)

If Miami could actually play a decent first half they would actually be a good team.  Ryan Tannehill is the AFC’s Jay Cutler….Cody Kessler looked better than anyone expected and Terrelle Pryor is one of the most versatile athletes in the NFL.

Baltimore 19, Jacksonville 17

The culture of the Ravens is better than the roster of the Ravens.  Joe Flacco is good enough to win another Super Bowl with…..The Jaguars coaching staff is ill-prepared every week.  It’s time to make a move.

Green Bay 34, Detroit 27

Aaron Rodgers was back to being the greatest quarterback in the world, and the Packers had to hold on to win….The Lions secondary isn’t good enough to beat the good teams in the NFL.  Matt Stafford had another really strong performance.

Denver 29, Cincinnati 17

Trevor Siemian is getting better each week and he was really clutch in the fourth quarter on Sunday.  If he continues to play mistake free football, the Broncos could be back in the Super Bowl….The Bengals struggles are more of a product of their schedule.  It’s still a really good team.

Minnesota 22, Carolina 10

The Vikings defense is basically the NFC’s version of the Broncos defense.  I’ll admit to being wrong right now about the Sam Bradford trade…..The Panthers are still in pretty good shape despite being 1-2.  They’ve lost to good teams and both have been relatively close games.

Washington 29, New York Giants 27

Kirk Cousins is playing himself into a 50 percent pay cut in the offseason, and it would be more if he didn’t have DeSean Jackson.  Jackson is one of the most underrated receivers in football….The Giants can’t handle prosperity, and they really might not be that much better than last year.

Los Angeles 37, Tampa Bay 32

Jeff Fisher somehow has a winning record.  It looks like smoke and mirrors, but the Rams have beaten two teams with better rosters and much better quarterbacks than they have….The Bucs have to get rid of their culture of losing and hiring a head coach from the previous staff (who lost) might not have been the best way to do that.

Seattle 37, San Francisco 18

Russell Wilson has very flexible ankles, and when he throws the forward pass to tight end Jimmy Graham, good things happen.  Who would’ve thought?….It’s pretty unbelievable that Chip Kelly can keep trotting Blaine Gabbert out as starting quarterback.

Kansas City 24, New York Jets 3

Kansas City forced eight turnovers and that’s enough to win against anyone…..Ryan Fitzpatrick should probably be happy he ended up with $12 million for this season.

Indianapolis 26, San Diego 22

The Colts have a much different outlook on life this week after the Texans were crushed and they picked up their first win.  When they beat Jacksonville on Sunday they’ll be really heading in the right direction….The Chargers lost another starter this week for the season in Manti Teo.  That’s three key players in three weeks.  Snakebit.

Philadelphia 34, Pittsburgh 3

The Eagles defense and coaching staff are doing an amazing job so far, not just with Carson Wentz.  Wentz looks like the real deal and he would be the rookie of the year if the season ended now….It’s a little troubling how much the Steelers offense was ineffective on Sunday.  Getting Le’Veon Bell back should help considerably.

Dallas 31, Chicago 17

The Cowboys will have a tough decision to make at quarterback if Dak Prescott keeps playing this well.  The team believes in him and putting him on the bench when Romo returns may stunt his growth….John Fox is officially on the hot seat and the Bears don’t have the personnel to get him off of it.

Atlanta 45, New Orleans 32

This isn’t the Falcons defense that Dan Quinn probably wanted or expected, but they’re outscoring people.  That’s not a real recipe for success….The Saints home field advantage has washed away and their defense may be the worst in football.  They need to pull the band aid on a full rebuild.

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