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NFL Rumor Mill- Senior Bowl Edition


One of the numerous advantages of going to the Reese’s Senior Bowl is the contacts you can make and information you can get.  We’re going to share some of this information with you.

Texans Will Upgrade At QB, It Won’t Be Manning

Football Insiders spoke with a Houston Texans source last offseason and they told us that the team was going to do everything in it’s power to re-sign Ryan Mallett.  That happened and we caught up with the same source this week and talked some more quarterbacks.

“We will do something to address the position,” the source said of the mess that is the Texans quarterback position.  “We’ll probably have to do it in the draft and possibly in free agency too.”

Addressing the position in the draft would likely mean that former fourth-round pick Tom Savage is on the outs, and by the look of what he’s done in preseason that’s a good assessment.

The connection that everyone seems to be making is former Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg reuniting with his former college head coach Bill O’Brien.  Hackenberg had his best collegiate season under O’Brien and he flamed out after he left to take the Texans job.

If Brian Hoyer is retained, he could serve as a nice band-aid until a rookie quarterback is ready to take over.

I asked the source if the Texans would have any interest in Peyton Manning, who will likely be playing his last game with the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

“No, he can’t help us,” the source said.  “He doesn’t have anything left, that ship has sailed.”

Houston can’t let another season slip away by not having a quarterback.  If they do, perhaps general manager Rick Smith and O’Brien’s futures need to be reevaluated.

Chargers Could Stay in San Diego

It seemed like it was a foregone conclusion that the Chargers would be moving from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Now, it seems like nobody knows what’s happening and the possibility of staying in San Diego is a very real one.

With Stan Kroenke and his Rams being awarded the L.A. market, the Chargers have the option of joining him in his new state of the art facility in Inglewood.  Here’s the problem: it’s going to cost Dean Spanos a lot of money to get a share of a city who doesn’t really want his team.

To build a new stadium in San Diego, the cost will be somewhere around $1.2 billion.  The city has pledged to pitch in roughly $350 million of that money.  Spanos is receiving an extra $100 million from the NFL and they have a program that allows up to $200 million for the building of a new facility at a very low interest rate.  That would leave roughly $550 million for the Chargers owner to come up with to have his team stay in his own facility in the town that wants them.

Or he could spend $550 million alone in a relocation fee, then have to negotiate with Kroenke for ownership in part of his facility which is rumored to cost nearly $2 billion.  He would have absolutely no leverage in the negotiations, and if and when he would get the deal done he would still be in a city that doesn’t want his team.

We talked to scouts and personnel people from the Chargers and they are all unsure what is going to happen.

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