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NFL moves part of 2015 draft outdoors


The third day of the 2015 NFL Draft will be held outdoors at Grant Park in Chicago, Ill.

Rounds 4-7 are scheduled to take place in the park, where concerts and summer festivals are regularly showcased on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Weather in Chicago in late April is unpredictable. The NFL said all 32 teams will have their usual on-site draft headquarters — a two-man table with phone lines — in a tented area that would provide shelter from rain and some comfort if cooler temperatures greet the league on May 2.

The first round is held April 30 at Auditorium Theater and the second and third rounds the next night at the same venue. This is the first time the NFL draft is being held in Chicago since 1964, but the league plans to involve home cities for all 32 NFL teams.

“The event will take place outside at Selection Square and in locations across the country,” the NFL said Thursday. “Teams will announce their Draft selections at their facilities and other locations in their city.”

Other elements of the landmark event include:

–Your Team House (for example, Buccaneers House): Each NFL team’s home within Draft Town — their Team House. The league describes these locales as “fan caves” that give fans of every team a chance to co-mingle amongst their own.

–Chi-Chefs Kitchen: Food and drink selections from some of Chicago’s best restaurants in a curated taste of the town tailgate for fans to sample and enjoy.

–Combine Corner: Fans can run the 40-yard dash, vertical jump and see how they stack up against NFL stars on a 40-yard long LED screen featuring NFL players running the 40-yard dash.

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