NFL AM: Who Should Be In Each NFL Team’s Recruitment Pitches?


Perhaps the biggest NFL news over the weekend involved the NBA, as five teams tried their best to pitch Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant to join their squads.  What makes it NFL news is that the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady traveled to the Hamptons to meet with KD on behalf of the Boston Celtics.

Spoiler alert:  It didn’t work.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at who each NFL team in their current cities should use as pitch men for a big free agent.

New England Patriots- If Tom Brady is good enough for the Celtics, he’s certainly good enough for the Pats. Both he and David Ortiz can talk about how the city of Boston will stick by you, even if you destroy your cell phone in an investigation and might or might not have been featured in the Mitchell Investigation.

Buffalo Bills- Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly embodies everything about the town and he would be a great ambassador.  Head coach Rex Ryan is one of the best recruiters in the NFL and the pair should do their very best to lure a potential signee with Terry Pegula’s money.

New York Jets- Although Joe Namath is the most iconic member of the franchise, wide receiver Brandon Marshall is the better guy to have in this meeting.  Marshall has turned himself into a star on and off the field and can explain what it’s like to star in New York.

Miami Dolphins- The Miami beaches, weather and Steven Ross’ money usually do the trick for free agents, but Dwayne Wade wouldn’t hurt.  Wade is a South Beach legend and can explain the ancillary benefits of being a champion in the nation’s sexiest city.

Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers rarely pitch free agents, but if they were to turn over a new leaf it would behoove them to have Ben Roethlisberger.  He can explain how the city and franchise will stand by you through nearly everything if you’re a champ.

Baltimore Ravens- It’s a Ray Lewis town and it always will be.  Lewis commands universal respect and he is a legend in the city as he brought home a pair of Super Bowl titles.

Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals have done a solid job of getting free agents in recent years despite not having much (any) playoff success.  Wide receiver A.J. Green, Reds first baseman Joey Votto and former mayor Jerry Springer should be involved in any conversation.

Cleveland Browns- Everything in Cleveland starts and ends with LeBron James.  He is the most famous active athlete in the world and he can explain just how special it is to win a title in “The Land.”  It would also never hurt to have the great Jim Brown in any meeting.

Houston Texans- Face of the franchise and all-around good guy J.J. Watt is probably the character you want in a meeting with any free agent.  He’s the best defensive player of this generation and one of the best all-time.  Guys like Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming would be great to have as well.

Tennessee Titans- The Titans don’t really have a face of the franchise other than young quarterback Marcus Mariota.  Former running back Eddie George is probably the most famous living Titan who can help with recruiting.

Indianapolis Colts- Who wants Jim Irsay’s money?  Andrew Luck just grabbed most of it and he should be at any and every recruiting meeting.  The Colts can grab Pacers all-star forward Paul George as well as the great Peyton Manning.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Since the Jaguars are the only major sports franchise in the city of Jacksonville, they need to get current and former Jags to help with their pitch.  Blake Bortles is the enthusiastic leader of the team, and former first-overall pick Tony Boselli can speak of the culture of Jacksonville.

San Diego Chargers- Philip Rivers should be involved in any meeting as well as future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates.  The Chargers can fly in one of the best running backs of the generation Ladainian Tomlinson and even Dan Fouts to firm up negotiations.

Denver Broncos- We know that the most famous Bronco of all time will be in any sales pitch in personnel czar and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.  That should be enough, but if it isn’t former Super Bowl winning running back Terrell Davis is there at a moments notice as well as former tight end Shannon Sharpe and linebacker turned analyst Tom Jackson.

Oakland Raiders- The Raiders have great history, but let’s focus on the present.  Head coach Jack Del Rio makes a strong case as well as young quarterback Derek Carr.  They can pull some other stars from the Bay like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors.

Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs have great tradition at Arrowhead Stadium, and few people can speak to it better than legendary quarterback Len Dawson.  Future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez should be involved in any meeting, as well as the great Jamaal Charles.



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