NFL AM: Josh Gordon Fails Another Drug Test


Josh Gordon fails another drug test:

At this point, there’s only one excuse left for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Brown. He’s an idiot. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday the much maligned wide out failed another drug test for marijuana last month. It’s the reason why Gordon has yet to be reinstated by the league.

Gordon is the kind of player you’d really like to root for because he’s gotten himself in trouble because he just can’t seem to stay sober. Whether or not Brown’s sobriety should be the NFL’s concern is a whole other conversation, but at this point it really doesn’t matter.

You can argue that the NFL’s views and policies on marijuana are archaic, and you can argue that a player like Gordon should never have to have been tested for alcohol at all, (a positive test for alcohol caused Gordon’s one-year suspension in 2015) but those arguments are moot.

You can argue all day that the speed limit should be higher than 55-miles-per-hour, but that argument won’t help you one bit when it comes time to fight a ticket. There are ridiculous rules or laws everywhere, but the lunacy of the law isn’t a defense when breaking it.

This is an interesting discussion, and one you might even stand directly behind the Browns knucklehead receiver on if he had been using marijuana medicinally and argued for its use. However, there is almost no chance that was the case, and it seems almost certain Gordon was using the drug recreationally.

You could even make the argument that in a world where marijuana seems to become legal or decriminalized in a new state every day, and NFL players are pumping their bodies full of deadly narcotics that players should be able to use pot medicinally or recreationally if they choose, but you can’t be the guy to make that argument if you’re being popped for using while the drug is still banned.

If you read Gordon’s words or listen to him speak, it’s clear that he’s not stupid. However, the willingness to throw away millions because you can’t put down pot is just nothing short of moronic. To fail a drug test when trying to get reinstated is unthinkable.

We don’t know if Gordon is an alcoholic, and you don’t have to watch Bob Saget in Half Baked to know that he’s not addicted to pot, but if he’s not smart enough to stay away from things that will keep him out of the NFL, does it really matter?

The NFL needs to completely change its views and policies on marijuana, but guys like Gordon failing tests while it’s still a banned substance will not help that cause. While former players like Kyle Turley are fighting the good fight when it comes to how marijuana could help players dealing with pain or brain injury, knuckleheads like Gordon are hurting that cause. When you consider how many players are pumping dangerous and addictive narcotics into their body at an excessive rate, that might be his greatest crime.

Johnny Manziel living with Josh Gordon, not Von Miller:

Speaking of morons, Johnny Manziel sounds like a bigger one every time he speaks. It’s a shame that Manziel seems hell bent on ruining his chances of convincing NFL clubs that he’s got his stuff together, but that’s exactly what it seems like.

First off, the fact that we’re putting time into writing about where or with whom Manziel is living is absolutely absurd, but that’s all on the free agent quarterback. The former first-round bust made this a story when he lied about living with Von Miller.

“I’m living out here with my guy, Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now,” Manziel told TMZ. “We’re getting our lives together, bro.”

The Denver Broncos defensive end responded on Instagram saying that Manziel is not living with him, but that the free agent quarterback is his brother and he’ll have his back any time. That is, any time except when Manziel is lying about living with him, apparently.

“Lol, you guys are HILARIOUS!!! Haha, I love it. Johnny’s not staying with me but he is my BROTHER! Like I’ve said a thousand times, I got his back no matter what!”

Laughing out loud aside, this is the dumbest story in football right now, and I’d just like to thank Manziel for making me write it. Good job, kid.

Tyrann Mathieu speaks out about New Orleans after Will Smith’s death:

After the awful shooting death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith, New Orleans native and Arizona Cardinals’ defensive back Tyrann Mathieu couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

Mathieu sent out a series of tweets about the shooter, the city, and the fact that this type of violence is common in New Orleans, but often gets overlooked. Mathieu believes the people of New Orleans need to change their focus from massive events like Mardi Gras to doing more for kids in school so they feel like they’ve got a way out.

Hearing Mathieu speak on the issue is impressive. In a world full of complaints, the Cardinals’ safety actually comes to the table with solutions. While a lot of people are unhappy with the situation, Mathieu actually has ideas about how to help pull young men away from lives of violence.

Mathieu joined Dan Hellie of NFL Total Access Monday night, and spoke about how Smith’s death sparked some emotions about what’s going on in his home town.

“New Orleans is a great place, a place of celebration,” Mathieu said. “But on the other hand, there’s a reality to it, there’s violence, there’s misguided youth. There’s no structure, there’s no programs, there’s nothing for these kids to do after school but to hang on the corner with gangbangers and drug dealers and those are the people they begin to look up to.”

Few people understand the situation like Mathieu, who took the time to explain that he got caught up in the same kind of thinking. He may now be one of the NFL’s best players, but the guy once called the Honey Badger almost fell into a life of poor decisions like so many young men from the city do.

“It’s only so few of us that have a chance to make it out,” he said. “Even myself, you look back at my history, I’ve bumped my head so many times and most of those things were personal decisions I made, that it was a culture that created those decisions. I thought that everything I was doing was OK. I thought that smoking marijuana was OK.

“And I thought I could get by off pure talent, so we have to redirect, restructure these kids to thinking those things aren’t cool anymore. Going to school is cool, being accountable is cool, being responsible is cool. Those things are the cool things to do.”

It’s amazing to think this is a guy who some thought would never make it in the NFL because of his own history of bad decisions. Today Mathieu isn’t just one of the best players in football, he’s one of the more thoughtful and inspirational young men in the game. He’s not an example of how things can go right if you keep your head down and do the right things. He’s an example that you can pick up the pieces and turn your life around even if you’ve been a knucklehead in the past. He’s an example of how young stupid kids can grow up to be great people. Are you paying attention Johnny and Josh?

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