NFL AM: Football Insiders’ Week 2 Power Rankings


Now that we have an actual week of football games to base this off of instead of just the offseason, there will be major jumps and falls as we reshuffle our 32 teams for our Week 2 Power Rankings.

  1. New England Patriots– To win in Arizona with a backup quarterback, mostly a backup offensive line and no Rob Gronkowski makes this a pretty easy choice.  I wouldn’t pick the Jimmy Garoppolo led Pats to win the Super Bowl this year, but would it surprise you if they beat anyone?
  2. Green Bay Packers– Aaron Rodgers is simply the best quarterback in the world and he makes throws that nobody in the history of the league has ever made.  They won in a very tough environment against a pretty good Jags team.  Kudos.
  3. Denver Broncos– The defense might not be as good as last season, but you couldn’t tell in the opener as they beat up Cam Newton and won with minimal contribution from the quarterback position.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers– How good is Antonio Brown?  He’s the best receiver in the game and he’s unstoppable.  The Steelers have issues on defense, but they should be able to outscore just about anyone.
  5. Carolina Panthers– They dominated the first half against Denver, then the wheels fell off the proverbial wagon for the Panthers.  They are still a very good team who should have probably won in one of the toughest spots, playing opening night at the home of the champs.
  6. Seattle Seahawks– No style points for the ‘Hawks as they held on to beat the visiting Dolphins.  If Russell Wilson’s ankle doesn’t heal quickly, they could be in some trouble.
  7. Cincinnati Bengals– Andy Dalton looked great and they won a very tough road game against a double-digit win team from last year.  Cincy will be a tough out (until January).
  8. Minnesota Vikings– The defense is among the best in football and we’ll find out a lot more about them when they play the Packers this weekend.
  9. Arizona Cardinals– Arizona was thoroughly outplayed at home against a team with half their talent and they were still a missed field goal away from winning.  They’ll be okay.
  10. Kansas City Chiefs– Monumental comeback to beat the Chargers, but it shouldn’t have taken that type of effort.  The Chiefs will get better as the year goes on.
  11. Oakland Raiders– Jack Del Rio gets the “Coach of the Week” award for having the marbles to go for two and the win at New Orleans.  It was good to see him rewarded.
  12. Houston Texans– Brock Osweiler and the Houston offense looked very good against the Bears, but let’s try to keep in mind that it was indeed the Bears.
  13. New York Jets– The defensive line was a monster against the Bengals, but it was a game they really needed to win as they get into a very tough part of their schedule.
  14. Detroit Lions– Matt Stafford looked like a No. 1 overall pick and the Lions offense was unstoppable in a tough spot on the road at Indy.
  15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Jameis Winston looked like an early MVP candidate as he was brilliant with the football.  It will take a few more of these efforts against better competition before we’re completely sold on the Bucs.
  16. New York Giants– They almost lost to a rookie, quarterback, but they ultimately didn’t.  The Giants defense looks to be much improved.
  17. Miami Dolphins– Even though they lost, the mammals get a big thumbs up for being as competitive as they were on the road against a very good Seahawks team.
  18. Jacksonville Jaguars– While we’re on moral victories, the Jags gave Green Bay all they could handle.  Jalen Ramsey is going to be a superstar.
  19. Philadelphia Eagles– A win over Cleveland is definitely better than a loss to Cleveland, but it will take a little more for us to be believers.
  20. Indianapolis Colts– They still have Andrew Luck and Donte Moncrief is looking like a beast.  The defense is atrocious.
  21. New Orleans Saints– New year, same story.  The Saints get great quarterback play and waste it on a terrible defense.
  22. Dallas Cowboys– Dallas will be okay with Dak Prescott, as long as they get their running game in order, mostly to hide that defense.
  23. San Diego Chargers– San Diego will have a tough time being competitive without Keenan Allen.
  24. Baltimore Ravens– The Ravens found a win, but they will have a tough time finding a lot more.
  25. San Francisco 49ers– Who would’ve thought that the Niners would post the biggest margin of victory in Week 1?  That’s more of an indictment on how bad the Rams are than how good San Fran is.
  26. Washington Redskins– They laid a major egg at home and Kirk Cousins looked terrible.  They’ll need to get a lot better on both sides of the ball.
  27. Tennessee Titans– Tennessee was their own worst enemies as they allowed two defensive touchdowns.  There’s still hope there.
  28. Buffalo Bills– I’m not sure the Bills could’ve looked worse on offense unless they were wearing Rams jerseys.
  29. Chicago Bears– The Bears played a decent first half against a better team on the road.  They still don’t have the horses to compete this year, but they’ll win some games.
  30. Atlanta Falcons– The defense is atrocious and the quarterback is declining.  Bad combination.
  31. Cleveland Browns– At least they’re not the Rams.
  32. Los Angeles Rams– Shut out by the 49ers.  It’s time to play Jared Goff.

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