NFL AM: Another Run In With The Law For Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel seems to be a magnet for mischief and he’s back in the news this week after another run in with the law.

The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was involved in a car accident on Monday night in Dallas, and reported the incident to Dallas PD as a hit-and-run after the driver of the other car drove away from the scene. Manziel was in a white Nissan GTR when, he says, the car was t-boned by another vehicle.

The driver’s side airbag deployed and photos show significant damage to the driver’s side door, but the former first round pick reported no injuries, despite hitting his head during the collision, according to his publicist Denise Michaels.

“Johnny told me his car was T-boned and the driver just rode away right after. He reported it to police.”

Dallas PD confirmed as much through a police report, and noted that Manziel has a witness from in the car as well as another witness who saw the accident, to corroborate his account.

It’s the second car wreck in the last few months for Manziel, who was a passenger in a Mercedes that was driven into a pole along the Sunset Strip in Hollywood in April. The Nissan from the latest incident is the same one Manziel was driving when he was pulled over and allegedly involved in a domestic incident last year with former girlfriend Colleen Crowley. Manziel is also still facing misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a separate incident with Crowley, for which he was indicted in April.

But while he waits to see how that plays out, it’s safe to say that trouble is still finding the former Cleveland quarterback. In this latest incident, a hit-and-run car wreck, he appears to be the victim. Nevertheless, it’s telling that drama continues to find the 23-year-old. Manziel’s character is so toxic at this point, it’s hard to believe that, even if nothing comes from the domestic violence charges he’s facing — which is no guarantee — he will ever get another chance in the NFL.


The story of Johnny Manziel isn’t the only tale of wasted opportunity in recent NFL history. In fact, it’s possible that no one has squandered a chance to make a fruitful career in the league quite like former Cowboys running back Joseph Randle.

Since this time last year, Randle has been on a downward spiral from Dallas Cowboys starting running back to jailed felon. This week, he was charged with a third felony in the state of Kansas, for threatening a deputy while he was in jail on other charges.

The Oklahoma State product has had myriad run-ins with the law since Dallas selected him in the fifth round of the 2013 Draft. It began with an incident at a Dallas mall, where he was caught stealing underwear and cologne. But that’s near the bottom of Randle’s rap sheet now.

The Cowboys cut the 24-year-old last November, just two months after they’d handed him the keys to their running game and one of the best jobs in football as their starting running back.

At the time of his release, Randle was facing suspension for a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy stemming from an incident in February of 2015 in Kansas, where he was arrested for possession of marijuana as well as allegedly threatening the mother of his child with a gun. By the time the league assessed the incident and handed out the suspension in November of last year, the Cowboys had already become fed up with a player they once viewed as a worthwhile replacement to DeMarco Murray. Randle produced when on the field, but his off the field issues only got worse as time went on.

Since his release, things have gotten even worse for Randle. Just weeks after he was cut, the former Cowboy was arrested at a Kansas casino for public intoxication. He was then arrested twice more in February of this year. The first was for an outstanding warrant for speeding, but the second was for a litany of much more serious crimes including aggravated battery and possession of drugs. That incident reportedly involved Randle hitting three people with his car. He was later assessed a felony count of dodging a law enforcement officer who was attempting to serve him with a felony warrant after he missed a court date.

Due to those two related incidents, Randle spent time in Wichita’s Sedgwick County Jail before he was finally able to make bond, and that jail stint is where the latest felony charge comes from, stemming from an incident that took place on May 14.

Randle is accused of threatening a deputy who was “enforcing the rules.” According to the Wichita Eagle, specific details of the threat Randle made were not released. The Eagle reports Randle could face five to 17 months in prison on this felony charge alone on top of whatever may come of the others.

If it wasn’t so sad, it would actually be kind of impressive how adept Randle is at getting into trouble with the law. He was arrested six times in a span of 18 months, has now accrued three felonies and is on his way to a lengthy jail sentence. That’s significantly more production than he ever accumulated on a football field. And he didn’t even need the Cowboys offensive line to do it.

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