Melvin Gordon On Chiefs Game: “Let Me Go”


When former first-round pick Melvin Gordon was carted off the field Dec. 11 against the Carolina Panthers, many figured it was the last time we’ll see him on the gridiron this season, especially considering he endured knee and hip injuries.

Nonetheless, Gordon participated in practice Thursday in a limited role for the second time this week and he’s eager to play in the team’s season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I’m gonna be fine. Because I feel like I can go out there and contribute,” he said.

“If I felt like I would go out there and I was gonna get hurt, then I wouldn’t go out there. I know my body better than anybody around here. So,” he said, “I know if I can’t go. It’s a difference between being injured and hurt.

In the big picture, this game means nothing for the Chargers, which is why head coach Mike McCoy would receive serious backlash for trotting Gordon out there.

“I think (McCoy) kind of understands that too,” Gordon said. “That’s why they’re kind of hesitant on everything right now. But, if I’m stressing I can go, man – let me go.”

Kickoff is set for 4:25 eastern time Sunday afternoon.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

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