Kyle Shanahan Admits Pats D Presents Major Challenge


The NFL hasn’t seen a high-powered offense like the Atlanta Falcons in a while. Sure, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will steal the headlines, but this offense is much more than just those two.

Bill Belichick and company must worry about the likes of Devonta Freeman, Mohamed Sanu, Tevin Coleman, and Taylor Gabriel as well.

However, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan understands the difficulties of breaking through this Patriots defensive unit.

“It’s the best defense that we’ve seen in the NFL this year. The numbers show it. And watch the film and you see exactly why their numbers are the way they are. They are extremely tough to score against. That’s why their No. 1 in the NFL. I believe only one game this year someone scored 30 points.

“They have very good players all around: players that are interchangeable that can be pass-rushers, that can be linebackers, that can be corners, that can be safeties. And they have an extremely good scheme. So, it’s by far the biggest challenge we’ve had this year.”

During the regular season, Atlanta averaged 33.8 points per game and in postseason play, they’ve averaged 40 points.

Something has to give Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: ESPN

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