“Just Sayin'”: Reactions to Brady ruling


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Tom Brady wins again.

The New England Patriots’ quarterback is 1-0 against the NFL with Thursday’s US District Court ruling that commissioner Roger Goodell and the league overstepped their authority to suspend Brady without notice or just cause for Deflategate.

Here’s what they’re Just Sayin’ about the Brady ruling:


George Atallah, NFL Players Association

Players rights win again.


LeGarrette Blount, Patriots running back

Let’s goooo TB12!!! This is gonna be a fun season!!! 1st win of the year for #PatsNation


Steve Wyche, NFL Network

It’s about process. This is why the NFL has lost (four) other major cases.


Judy Battista, NFL Network

This is a huge victory for Tom Brady and a sgnificant loss for the league.

Every player will wonder in the future if they should appeal their discpline. Bigger picture, one owner side it might be time for the NFL to think about changing how punishment is meted out — judge, jury, executioner all from one seat might not be working. … A bigger overhaul might need to be made.


Lance Briggs, ex-Chicago Bears linebacker

Teflon Tom.


Scott Fujita, ex-NFL linebacker, NFLPA rep

All players: Pay attention to what’s transpired. Respect Brady for his fortitude. And appreciate your Union’s focus on fairness & process.


Blake Griffin, LA Clippers All-Star forward

Great day for Tom Brady but I feel really bad for that Dom Grady guy that was gonna start in his place. Stay ready, Dom. Be a professional.


Adam Schefter, ESPN

This is an embarrassment for the NFL.


Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston

There is a feeling within the organization that justice has been served today.

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