John Lynch Claims Colin Kaepernick Left Meeting Excited


With a new regime in San Francisco, general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have a common goal and that’s to bring this proud franchise back onto the national scene. In order to make this happen, the tandem must figure out who their quarterback of the future is.

Will they stick with Colin Kaepernick?

Lynch isn’t ruling out the possibility.

“I would characterize it as just a really positive discussion,” Lynch said. “I do think that there are some things that are sacred. We did have a great discussion and I think Colin left excited and we left excited.”

“And I think as Kyle and I believe, the evaluation process is still very much fluid. We’ve only been on the job a couple of weeks and I can tell you we both very much enjoyed being around Colin, and he seems like he’s a real good place.”

On March 2, everyone expects Kaepernick to opt out of his contract. If Kaepernick doesn’t return, don’t be surprised to see the Niners bring in Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Source: KNBR

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