Harbaugh and Tucker Want Kickoffs To Be Worth Something


How often do you see kickers nail kickoffs through the uprights?

It doesn’t happen frequently, but we do see it happen every once in a while. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has accomplished the feat numerous of times and now he wants it to actually be worth something.

“The idea is if you split the uprights on a kickoff you get a point or you get rewarded for it in some way,” Tucker stated on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday. “The version I like is, you split the upright, you get a point. I’ve also heard that if you split the uprights, and instead of the opposing team starting at the 25, maybe they start at the 10, just to make the game a little more interesting.”

Head coach John Harbaugh agrees.

“I’m on record as advocating that that should [count as] a point,” Harbaugh stressed.

This will probably never get approved, but it’s an interesting idea at the very least.

Source: ESPN

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