Jay Ajayi Believes People Are Underrating Miami’s Offense


As the Miami Dolphins head into their wild card weekend matchup against the prestigious Pittsburgh Steelers, no one outside of South Florida is giving them much of a chance. When listening to the talking heads, everyone is raving about Pittsburgh’s big three and deservedly so.

However, Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi believes his offense should be receiving more love.

“We hear a lot of talk about the other team and who they have and the players that they have,” Ajayi said. “And it’s kind of starting to get to me where you have to understand we have players too, you know?

“We have guys that are playing at a high level and are showcasing their abilities. And I think it’s time people need to respect that we have players on our offense, too, and we can get some stuff done when we’re on our game.”

While you want to feel sympathetic for Ajayi, Miami’s finished 24th in total offense and they finished 17th in points per game. Nonetheless, if they show up and knock off Pittsburgh, Ajayi will enjoy all the publicity for a week.

Source: Miami Herald

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