Jarran Reed Denies Spitting in Joe Hawley’s Face


As soon as it looked like the Seattle Seahawks were hitting their stride, they hit a road bump in Tampa Bay, losing to the Buccaneers 14-5. During the midst of the game, Bucs Joe Hawley claims rookie Jarran Reed spat in his face.

Upon hearing the allegations, Reed defended himself.

“First of all, we play in between the lines,” Reed said. “You can go back and watch the film. You will see that. If he thinks he’s a clean player, then I don’t know what he’s seeing. But as far as the allegation of me spitting in his face, that’s not true at all. I mean, show me the play, show me where I did it, then you can say something. Other than that, I just think it’s funny.”

Reed isn’t quite sure where this claim stems from.

“I mean, I don’t know, I guess because he couldn’t block a rookie the way he wanted to. So I’d be pretty pissed too. I guess you need to do a better job,” Reed said.

“”Nobody said nothing after the game. It was all cordial. Nobody was mad or anything. Now all of the sudden… I thought we were all grown men. I think it’s pretty funny. He sounds like a 14-year old girl running to everybody “oh, he spit in my face” and all that. Anyways, next.”

The Seahawks are set to play host to the Carolina Panthers tomorrow.

Source: Sports Radio KJR

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