Jaguars Players Upset Gus Bradley Flew Home With The Team


As everyone knows, the Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Gus Bradley following Sunday’s 21-20 loss to the Houston Texans.

The timing of the move is somewhat curious, as the team has just two games remaining in their miserable 2016 season.  Making that timing even more awkward was that he was let go immediately after the game, then flew home on the club’s chartered plane.

That didn’t sit well with some players.

“Yeah, that sucked,” defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks said Tuesday. “If I had an opinion on if I thought that was the right move, I don’t think that was the right way to do it. He had to ride the plane home back that way, but that ain’t my call. They did it. They made the move.

“Gus was very cordial about it. Spoke with everybody. Came through the plane shaking hands and just talking with people. Gus has always been a great person in that aspect, but I don’t think we as players were in the mood or were ready to actually see that at that moment.”

Source: ESPN

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