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Goodell: NFL got Hardy ban right


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CHICAGO — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell required a mea culpa in 2014 after admitting he failed to “get it right” when running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games for domestic violence.

But after heavy scrutiny of that decision and a Goodell-led overhaul of the personal conduct policy to enact harsh penalties in abuse cases, the NFL got it right punishing Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy with a 10-game suspension, the commissioner said Wednesday.

“Because of the process. Because we have the facts,” Goodell said. “We had the right people involved who were able to pull all the facts together, give us the kind of information that was necessary for us to make a decision that would reflect the values and the integrity of the league but also the personal conduct policy.”

Hardy is appealing the decision. A formal appeal was filed through the NFLPA last week.

Whether a neutral arbiter will hear the appeal is still under consideration, Goodell said. Rice’s appeal, which overtuned the indefinite suspension Goodell levied upon review of video evidence of the case, was heard by a neutral party.

Goodell said the physical evidence — including “hands to the head, hands to the neck” — was a major part of the case against Hardy, who met with the NFL twice during the 60-day investigation according to Goodell.

The league determined at least four instances of excessive force were used by Hardy against ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder.

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