Football Insiders’ NFL QB Rankings- Week 1


We will rank each of the NFL’s starting quarterbacks through each week of the regular season.

1. Aaron Rodgers- He’s quickly becoming one of the best ever. No reason not to begin the season at No. 1.

2. Tom Brady- We have an extra motivated Tom Brady entering 2015. That should be hell for his opponents, especially the leaky Steelers defense on Thursday.

3. Andrew Luck-Luck has the best surrounding cast of his career and he should put up huge numbers.

4. Ben Roethlisberger-Ben is going to have an unbelievable statistical season despite missing some weapons early on. The Steelers defense is so bad that he’s going to keep throwing all year long and may set some new records.

5. Drew Brees- Brees will have some challenges this season without Jimmy Graham and an aging Marques Colston. If he can maintain his high level of play, this season will cement him as one of the greatest passers in history.

6. Tony Romo- Has perception ever differed more than reality for any quarterback? Romo is legitimately great and is tracking the Hall of Fame. When he has time, he’s as good as anyone.

7. Philip Rivers-Just imagine how great Rivers would be with a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver? His career will always be underappreciated if he can’t get to a Super Bowl.

8. Joe Flacco-Speaking of underrated, Joe Flacco is as good as anyone in big games. He has a cannon for an arm and is the unquestioned leader of a team that wins playoff games every year.

9. Russell Wilson- Wilson has weapons around him and now the expectations to go along with a huge contract. Will he perform up to it?

10. Ryan Tannehill- We’re expecting Tannehill to take a big jump this year with the best supporting cast of his career.

11. Peyton Manning-Manning is doing it with smoke and mirrors at this point in his career, but he still gets the job done with great anticipation and smarts.

12. Sam Bradford- Bradford is in a perfect system for the first time in his career and if he can stay healthy he’ll have a great season.

13. Matthew Stafford- There’s no reason why Stafford shouldn’t be great this year. He has excellent weapons and one of the best arms in the league. It’s on him.

14. Carson Palmer- Palmer is back from his torn ACL and he probably has the best offensive line of his career. John Brown will step up even more with Palmer under center and then when they get Michael Floyd back the offense should be explosive.

15. Eli Manning- The Giants shouldn’t be that good, but it won’t be Eli’s fault. When he is upright he’s one of the best.

16. Alex Smith- Smith won’t lose you a game and that’s good enough most weeks. Now he has to prove that he can win some games and not be a complementary piece.

17. Matt Ryan- When Ryan can stand in the pocket he’s as good of a passer as anyone. Not an elite arm, but an elite brain.

18. Cam Newton- Cam has elite skills, but this could be a really tough season as tight end Greg Olsen is his only legitimate weapon.

19. Andy Dalton- There really isn’t much that Dalton can do in the regular season to change people’s opinion of him. He has to step up when it counts most.

20. Teddy Bridgewater-Teddy should take a big step forward in Year 2 with Adrian Peterson back and a better grasp of the offense.

21. Tyrod Taylor- Tyrod spent four years learning under one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL. He won the Bills job in preseason and will surprise a lot of people.

22. Colin Kaepernick- Kaepernick may not have progressed at the rate that many hoped last year, but he is the least of the 49ers problems.

23. Nick Foles- Foles doesn’t have Chip Kelly’s system to fall back on anymore. It could be a rough season.

24. Blake Bortles- Bortles is ready to step up and take a huge leap now that he has some weapons and a good offensive line.

25. Derek Carr- Carr has a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver in Amari Cooper and he should be even better this season.

26. Brian Hoyer-He belongs in the NFL, but he’s another caretaker type of starting quarterback.

27. Jay Cutler-– Cutler is erratic, he has poor body language and he’s a poor leader. He’s also really talented.

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick- He’s a caretaker at the position, but he has a lot of weapons to work with and has an excellent chance of winning the job when Geno Smith returns.

29. Kirk Cousins Cousins is limited physically, but he has some good weapons around him and a coach that believes in him. There will be a lot of distractions with RG3 still on the roster.

30. Marcus Mariota- Mariota wasn’t supposed to be better than Winston right away, but he already is. Mariota will make some rookie mistakes, but he already looks like he’s in control of the offense.

31. Jameis Winston- Winston needs to develop quicker than he did in the preseason and he will make plenty of mistakes. He’ll also grow from the struggles and get better.

32. Josh McCown- McCown had a solid preseason, but nobody really believes he’ll be able to keep the starting job for 16 games.

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