Football Insiders’ Best Of The Week- NFL Free Agency


We know that you’d like to digest all of the NFL and NFL Draft information you can, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Here is an easy way to get caught up on what you might have missed this week.

NFL Considering Rule Changes

It’s that time of the year again, where the NFL tries to tweak their rule book to make the game better for the fans and players alike.  Unfortunately, we still don’t know what a catch is and we aren’t really any closer to finding out.

5 Trades That Should Happen

With some teams desperate for pass rush help, and others desperate for help on the offensive line, here are a handful of trades that make so much sense that they might never happen.

Free Agency Winners and Losers 

Free agency is far from over, but we look at the teams that helped their rosters the most from the first week.  We also take a look at those teams that are significantly worse.

Last Year’s Actual Free Agency Winners and Losers

The winners of free agency after the first week are sometimes considered losers by the end of the season.  We’re going to look at the actual winners and losers from 2015.

Who Are The Best And Worst Fits For Their New Teams?

Has the balance of power shifted in the AFC with all of the signings?  We take a look at some players who should fit in well and some who are likely to bust.

AFC East Free Agency Grades

The Patriots are geniuses, right?  Not necessarily as they let a 26-year old elite pass rusher go.  Find out which other teams benefited and failed in the division.

AFC North Free Agency Grades

The Cleveland Browns weren’t the only team team that has lost significant talent in the offseason.  We look at which teams have improved and regressed during the first week of free agency.

Will Roger Goodell Get Out Of The Punishment Business?

The NFL and NFLPA are rumored to be close to a deal to remove Roger Goodell’s disciplinary powers.  Does this mean that the owners are growing weary of all of his missteps and the bad publicity associated with them?

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