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Although we’d like you to read each and every one of the stories that we post, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. With that in mind, here’s an easy way to catch up with some of our best of the week.

Who Could Lose Their Job To A Rookie

Although the NFL Draft brings great excitement to teams and their fan bases, with every early selection made, it’s likely that someone will lose their job.  We looked at a few players who are now on the bubble.

Business Still Needs To Be Done

Now that teams have shredded their draft boards, it’s officially known as the business season.  It’s time for players and agents to discuss new contracts and we went over some of the stars who are in line for a raise in pay.

Who Missed In The Draft?

It’s difficult, if not completely impossible to give accurate draft grades for all 32 teams when their players haven’t suited up.  What we can look at is those teams who ignored their basic team needs last weekend.

Which Rookies Will Make The Pro Bowl First?

Which new additions from the draft are in the best position for immediate success and could earn a trip to Hawaii as early as 2017.

Which Teams Are Trying To Put Square Pegs In Round Holes?

Sometimes picks just don’t seem to make sense.  Whether it’s a scheme fit or character questions, there were a few picks that left our heads scratching.  We took a look at the worst picks in each round.

Best Fits In Each Round

At times you can just tell that a franchise and a city is the right fit for a specific player.  We’re going to look at which players look like absolute home runs in their new destinations.


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