Five Quarterbacks With the Most Pressure in 2016


Being a quarterback in the NFL comes with enough pressure already, but for these five in particular, the pressure is compounded compared to their counterparts.

One thing all of these quarterbacks have in common is that they’re all ring-less and have been inconsistent at some point in their careers.

Of course, winning a Super Bowl takes more than just quarterback play, however, I think everyone agrees that in today’s game, in order to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy, your leader under center has to be capable of making most of the throws on the field.

Without further ado, let’s see which flame-throwers have the biggest microscope moving forward.

Tony Romo You’ll be hard pressed to find any position in sports that has more pressure than being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

It doesn’t matter if the Cowboys are good or bad, people are always talking about them.

After all, this is ‘America’s team’, right?

During Tony Romo’s tenure in Dallas, he’s put up gaudy numbers, which is why he’s a four-time Pro Bowler.

However, Romo hasn’t been able to get this franchise over the hump in postseason play. He currently has a playoff record of 2-4.

While there’s no question of who will be the Cowboys quarterback next fall, if Romo is unable to take this team to the next level, it may become time for Jerry Jones and company to move on.

Andrew Luck – The honeymoon phase is over.

Throughout the history of the NFL Draft, not too many prospects were regarded as highly as Andrew Luck.

I mean, come on, Luck had literally everything you wanted in a quarterback.

Big arm, accuracy, IQ, athleticism, size and the clutch factor.

In Luck’s first three seasons, the Indianapolis Colts made the playoffs each time.

With that being said, this past season was a complete nightmare for Luck. His season was cut short due to a lacerated kidney.

Nonetheless, even when Luck was playing, things just didn’t seem right.

Luck had a touchdown to interception ratio of 15:12, and with the young gunslingers in the AFC South that include Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota, Luck no longer has a large of a margin for error.

Matt Ryan – Based on pure talent, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has been widely regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

The only problem with Ryan has been inconsistency in the postseason, but this past season it reared its ugly head in the regular season.

Ryan finished 2015 with only 21 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, while having a quarterback rating of 89.0, which was his lowest rating since the 2010 season.

At 30 years old, Ryan still has a few more years left on his contract, but another poor season could mean his time in Atlanta is nearing an end.

Colin Kaepernick – With new head coach Chip Kelly in town, there’s still no guarantee Colin Kaepernick will be starting this upcoming fall.

If not, it’ll be Blaine Gabbert or most likely a rookie.

As you can tell, the options are limited so we’re going to assume Kaepernick gets another shot, but this will probably be his last one.

The 28-year-old’s 2015 campaign was ended short due to an injury to his non-throwing shoulder and before that massive inconsistency throwing the football.

Ryan Tannehill – The belief in Miami and nationally, was that former Texas A&M product Ryan Tannehill was going to have his coming out party in 2015.

Unfortunately, that was far from the case in South Beach.

Tannehill’s touchdowns, completion percentage and quarterback rating all went down from a season ago.

Dolphins camp now puts their trust into new head coach Adam Gase.

To be fair, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler did just have his most efficient season of his career under Gase, so anything is possible.

If Gase can’t get Tannehill playing up to his potential, they will likely look to go in a different direction for 2017.

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