Five Best Moves Of The Offseason


No matter what a team’s philosophy is, the offseason is supposed to be a time where each team looks to get better. Whether it is through the draft, free agency, trades or a combination of the three, the offseason is a time to fill holes and build on strengths.

Oftentimes, the best moves aren’t the ones that get the most publicity, but the shrewd moves that get the most value out of each dollar. This offseason, five moves stood out as ones that will improve their teams playoff and Super Bowl chances going forward.

Arizona Trading For Chandler Jones

One of the ideologies that hampers teams is how much they value draft picks, especially those in between round two through five. The first-round picks should be highly valued because those picks turn out to be the cornerstone players of your franchise.

The Arizona Cardinals were a great team last year, which meant that they are picking late in each round. Chandler Jones is a better player than the Cardinals could ever expect to get late in round two, which made it a no-brainer to trade their late second-round pick and Jonathan Cooper (a solid starting guard) to the New England Patriots for Jones.

The Cardinals are a team that hasn’t had a legitimate edge threat in many years, which Jones will finally fulfill. Jones isn’t a top-tier pass-rusher, but he has the ability to put up double digit sacks every couple of years, which is exactly what the Cardinals need on their defense. The Cardinals were a dominant defense without Jones, they will be even better with him.

Adam Gase To Miami

Sometimes one of the best offseason moves in the hiring of a coach. Outside of Miami’s pick of Laremy Tunsil, they didn’t make a lot of great personnel moves, but they should be a drastically improved team anyways. Why? Head coach Adam Gase should finally unlock the potential of the offense.

Gase is a viewed as an outstanding offensive mind, which is where the Dolphins have underperformed as of late. Priority No. 1 for Dolphins should be to get the most out of Ryan Tannehill. Gase will not only maximize Tannehill’s play, but he will also develop him in a way that will allow him to succeed in the future.

Josh Norman To Washington

One of the most surprising move this offseason was when the Carolina Panthers withdrew the franchise tag from Josh Norman, which allowed him to test free agency. Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan jumped at the opportunity to bring in one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

It wasn’t cheap (five years, $75 million contract), but the price tag doesn’t matter when you get a player of Norman’s stature. Norman is one of the true shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL. If Washington utilizes Norman correctly, he will significantly improve the Redskins defense.

Jacksonville Drafts Myles Jack

It is extremely rare that you can grab a top-five talent in the second round of the NFL draft, but that is exactly what the Jacksonville Jaguars did when they drafted Myles Jack. The former UCLA linebacker had injury concerns, which faciliated his drop to the second round, but the concerns didn’t affact his ability to play and contribute right away.

Jack has the ability to be a generational talent at linebacker while becoming a true leader on Jacksonville’s defense. Jack can not only play the run extremely well, but he is an incredible coverage linebacker. He is a true chess piece that can change a defense.

Kansas City Picks Up Mitchell Schwartz

The most underrated offseason move was the Kansas City Chiefs signing Mitchell Schwartz in free agency. In the AFC West you have to protect the quarterback, especially on the right side with players like Khalil Mack, Von Miller and Melvin Ingram coming off the edge.

Schwartz is the best right tackle in football, and he has proven to be up to the task to handle the elite pass-rushers in the NFL. Last year, Schwartz did a number on Miller as Miller barely made an impact all game. Schwartz will solidify the Chiefs’ offensive line and give them a chance against the dominant defenses in the AFC South. Alex Smith will have more time to throw the ball and Jamal Charles will have more room to run on the right side.

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