Fallout From The Rams-Titans Trade For the No. 1 Pick


The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams executed a trade that will send the first-overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft from to the Titans to the Rams for a haul of draft picks.

We’ve already looked at the impact that the deal has for the two teams involved, and now we’re going to look at what it does for a few other very interested parties.

Cleveland Browns

It’s never easy being a Browns fan.  It’s seemingly even tougher if you’re a member of their front office.  There’s no Kevin Costner dream type of trade scenario in this one, Cleveland was simply undercut by the trade.

If the Browns were set on selecting a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick, they likely had a preference of either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.  If they still end up taking the quarterback that the Rams pass on, they’ll put forth the dog and pony show how either Wentz or Goff was their guy the whole time.

Although there’s somewhat of a chance that can actually be true, it’s much better to have your choice of the two rather than the guy that’s left. Just ask the Washington Redskins-who moved up to pick Robert Griffin, III- Just one pick after the Indianapolis Colts selected Andrew Luck.

Even if the Browns wanted to roll into their 2016 season with recently acquired RG3, their leverage to trade down has been significantly compromised from this trade.

Case Keenum

We at Football Insiders are and were never high on the talents of former University of Houston Heisman candidate Case Keenum.  He lacks elite or even moderate arm strength and has to get by with smarts and anticipation, something that rarely works out over time.

With that said, Keenum has extracted more out of his limited talent than most and his level of play last season was deserving of a lower-tier starting job.

Now that the Rams will select a quarterback with the first-overall pick, Keenum will once again be relegated to backup status, even if he’s the opening day starter.

It’s only a matter of time of when Keenum will be replaced and after a few failed auditions with quarterback hungry teams, you have to wonder whether he will get a real shot to start anywhere else.

Taylor Lewan

Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan was never in danger of being released, but he would have lost his left tackle job had Laremy Tunsil been selected with the top pick in the draft.

Lewan gets another shot to show that he can be a solid left tackle in the NFL and that should equate to a nice payday for him after the 2017 season, or possibly earlier, assuming that he plays well in 2016.

Jacksonville Jaguars

There was the possibility of a doomsday scenario for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Jags general manager Dave Caldwell holds the fifth-overall pick in the draft and there are three or four great candidates that would fit in well in Jacksonville.

In a potential doomsday scenario, the Titans would have taken Tunsil, the Browns Jack or Bosa, the Chargers Ramsey and the Cowboys Jack or Bosa, leaving the Jaguars with….someone who won’t fit their defense.

Now that the Rams have moved up to take a quarterback, the Jaguars will have either Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa or possibly Laremy Tunsil, all who will be great fits on their team, although admittedly offensive tackle isn’t their biggest area of need.

Even though they didn’t take part in the deal and saw the division rival Tennessee Titans acquire a ton of draft ammunition, the Jaguars will now get an impact player.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are another ancillary winner in the Titans-Rams trade.  Selecting third-overall, San Diego will get an impact player that fits a major area of need.

Needing to protect Philip Rivers, the Chargers will now have a great opportunity to select the best offensive tackle prospect in the last few years in Laremy Tunsil.

If they feel that the value of the position isn’t quite there, they will at worst have their choice between Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey and DeForest Buckner.

Either way it’s a win-win-win for San Diego.

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