Eli Manning Apologizes For Not Targeting Sterling Shepard


As expected, the New York Giants extended their winning streak to six games against the winless Cleveland Browns. While the Giants won comfortably by two scores, quarterback Eli Manning felt bad after the game for not targeting his rookie wide receiver, Sterling Shepard.

Shepard is second on the team in receptions, but on Sunday, he wasn’t targeted at all, which caused Manning to apologize to the rookie.

“I apologized for not getting him a catch,” Manning said. “We need to get him involved. We need to get him catches. It’s kind of the way the day went on some things. He’s done a good job all year. We’ve got to make sure we’re getting him involved in the offense.”

Caught off guard a bit, Shepard expressed how it comes with the territory every now and then.

“I didn’t want him to apologize to me,” the rookie stated. “That’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

It’s safe to bet Manning will be targeting Shepard this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Source: NY Daily News

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