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Despite tough season, Bears’ Allen may not be done


LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Chicago Bears defensive end Jared Allen will take some offseason time before making a decision on whether to play another year, but it seems unlikely this pneumonia-plagued, five-sack season will be his final one.

“I didn’t come here for a one-and-done shot,” he said. “I know I’ve still got a lot of football left in me.

“When I get to March, I start the same process over that I’ve been doing for years and years: Get back to work and take it from there, talk to the (family), (ask) ‘Do you want to keep doing this?’ That’s a decision that’s made then.”

Pride alone might be enough to keep Allen coming back, considering he has 5.5 sacks. His career low is 7.5.

“I’m my own worst critic,” he said. “I want to leave with people wanting more rather than shuffle me out, that’s for sure.”

Allen did say the bout with pneumonia early in the season took a lot out of him.

“It took me longer than I thought to recover from it,” he said. “It took me a good four to five weeks to get the weight back on, but I don’t make excuses, man. When I’m out there, I try to make plays, and I had some.

“Overall, if I look at the overall scheme of work, decent season, obviously the sack numbers were down, that seems to be what everybody judges by. But I go back and look at that, and I probably had five or six in my hands that I missed this year, so I have to make those plays, then I’m in double digits again and we’re not having this conversation.”

Playing the Vikings on Sunday is a homecoming for Allen, his first back in Minneapolis, but it won’t be the same because of the University of Minnesota venue.

“It’s another game, but it’s always exciting to go back and play against the team you came from,” he said. “It’s not playing in the dome, so it’s not like there’s memories there.

“It’ll always be fun to go back and play those guys and play back in the city for the first time in front of those fans, so yeah, I wouldn’t call it extra juice, it’s another game, but it’s always fun.”

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