DeMarcus Ware Believes He Could’ve Played Longer


DeMarcus Ware created shockwaves throughout the football world when he decided to hang up his cleats earlier this week. With Ware turning 35 this summer, the pass rusher appeared to still have plenty left in the tank.

According to Ware himself, he knows he could’ve played longer if he wanted to.

“And right now as a I stand here, my body feels great. My body feels youthful. There is no question in my mind that I could have played two or three more years. But I’m realistic about it. My body’s good now, but how long will that last? How long can your body hold up at 34, 35, when what you do is likely to hurt yourself?”

Ware left $9 million on the table for the 2017 season, but he wouldn’t reveal what team it was.

Source: MMQB

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