Dak Prescott Wouldn’t Mind Romo Going To Denver


After one of their better seasons in recent memory, the Dallas Cowboys are preparing to move forward with Dak Prescott as he gears up for year two. Now, the question is what will Jerry Jones do with Tony Romo?

Prescott offered his take.

“Whatever makes him happy,” Prescott told Nate Burleson. “If he wants to play, he still got another year, couple years in him, then I want to see him end up in Denver, or on a good team, a team that adding him makes that much better. But to me he’s a Cowboy, it’d be hard to see him in a different uniform.”

It’s very interesting that Prescott mentioned Denver directly because at first, it was reported that John Elway had zero interest in Romo. However, reports say Denver will be interested if he’s open on the free agent market.

Source: NFL

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