Dak Prescott Arrested For DUI: How Far Will He Drop?


Former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Proscott was becoming a “rising prospect” after a very solid Senior Bowl performance as well as the NFL Combine.

Some had him pegged as a late first- or early second-round draft pick, but that will likely not be the case after he was arrested early Saturday morning for a DUI. 

It’s not the worst possible time for a prospect to be arrested, as he still has two months to try and rebuild his reputation to NFL teams, but it’s pretty close.

The quarterback is a leadership position, more so than any other position in professional sports.  If you can’t trust a guy to not drink and drive with everything he potentially has on the line, how can you really trust him to lead your team.

“I’m excited for this opportunity. This is the biggest part of my life right now and it’s important I come in, be myself, show these guys who I am, what I can bring to their organization,” Prescott said to reporters at the NFL Combine.

On the other hand, people make mistakes, but Prescott will likely pay for this one by dropping in the 2016 NFL Draft.

“This will definitely drop him,” an AFC Scout told Football Insiders.  “I saw him as a Day Two prospect before this, but I can’t imagine him going before the third day.”

Prescott has the physical abilities to play quarterback at the next level, but like most spread quarterbacks he must refine his footwork and taking snaps from center.

“I’m very comfortable (under center),” Prescott said at the Combine. “I’m athletic so it’s not that big of a transition and it’s kind of funny but I almost feel more like a big-time quarterback from under center so it’s something I’m embracing and having fun getting comfortable at.”

The NFL, as a whole, has been much better at avoiding avoidable incidents like drinking and driving.  Say what you want about Commissioner Roger Goodell, his strict personal conduct policies have led to fewer arrests and although it hasn’t quite manufactured itself into a great reputation among the public, NFL players get arrested far less than everyday citizens.

Hopefully Prescott will learn from this and for his sake let’s hope that he doesn’t fall so far as to where he can’t pay back the loan he took for his 2016 Cadillac Escalade, the vehicle he was driving when arrested.

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