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Cowboys plan to pay Garrett


Stephen Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are plotting their future, and coach Jason Garrett is a key figure in what’s ahead.

Jones, the team’s COO and the son of owner Jerry Jones, said the Cowboys will plan to discuss a new contract with Garrett at the end of the season. Dallas clinched a winning record for the first time in Garrett’s career and will play at Philadelphia in a game that will decide first place in the NFC East with two weeks remaining.

“Jason not only was qualified when he took the job, but he improves every day, every week, every month, every year,” Jones told KTCK-AM. “You know, one of the things you fear is that you train a guy up and then he leaves and he goes on and he’s even better for the next team than he was for you.

“I think Jason has grown leaps and bounds. We are so comfortable – you know, comfortable can be a bad word, you want to be on edge, too – but I really think Jason is the right guy for this job.”

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