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Coughlin emotional parting with P Weatherford


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Punter Steve Weatherford, a fan favorite, was released by the New York Giants on Friday. The decision was gut-wrenching for head coach Tom Coughlin.

“Let me start off by saying how difficult it was today to say goodbye to Steve Weatherford, who has been just an exceptional, exceptional human being, not only what he has contributed to the New York Giants on the football field but what he has done in the community, what he represents, the enthusiasm, the passion (and) the way that he had a unique ability to touch people in all parts of life,” Coughlin said.

Weatherford, who signed with the team in 2011 and who helped the Giants win a Super Bowl that season, was part of the first wave of weekend roster moves the franchise made Friday ahead of Saturday’s 4 p.m. deadline to reach the 53-man regular-season roster limit.

Weatherford was not afraid to be vocal. His outgoing personality, advanced body building routines, and tireless philanthropy – with the desire to discuss any and all of these interests at any time — helped him bond with fans. However, the 32-year old punter was informed last week he was on shaky ground.

On Friday, the Giants acquired punter Brad Wing from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“He was very, very gracious in terms of speaking of his experience here with the New York Giants and what it has meant to he and his family and how he will always cherish his four years that he spent with us,” Coughlin said of his conversation informing Weatherford he was released.

Coughlin didn’t want to discuss Wing, but said there would be a time for that.

“It is emotional in many ways,” Coughlin said. “Every coach understands that this is part of it, and even though it is by far one of the least popular things that have to happen, it still, nevertheless, has to be done, and we would like to think that we choose to do it with dignity.”

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