Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Wonders If He Would Be Bigger Star In Big Market


With Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski out for the rest of the season, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce may be the best at his position.

Although he’s a great player, Kelce isn’t yet a household name outside of fantasy football circles and he wonders if that would be different if he played in another uniform.

“I talk to my manager about that a lot and it is what it is,” Kelce said on Friday’s PFT Live regarding the reality that, if he played for in a larger city or on a team that had a bigger national following. “I mean it kind of played a part in terms of branching out into the TV world for me. It’s one of those things where you just kind of, you come out of the draft, you just want to be as marketable as possible I think. That’s one of the things about the NFL is that you have small-market teams, big-market teams. I feel like the bigger market teams do kind of have an advantage in terms of off-the-field money. I think when you have big-time businesses around that want to be part of the sports community and the athletic community it’s a huge advantage in the bigger markets. So without a doubt.”

Former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez was a pretty big star while playing in the same city.  Kelce is simply overshadowed by Gronkowski, who when healthy is the best at his position ever.  There’s no doubt that Kelce would get more publicity if he played in New York, but he can still reach great heights and possibly even the Hall of Fame by playing in K.C. like Gonzalez did.

Source: Pro Football Talk

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