NFL Chat With Mark Gunnels –3/3/17

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  1. Josh

    Where do you think is a good fit for Brandon Marshall?

    • Mark Gunnels

      With the future of Michael Floyd in limbo, I believe New England would be an ideal fit for Marshall. At the age of 32, it’s time for him to compete for a championship.

  2. Matt

    Do you think a team will give Manziel a chance?

    • Mark Gunnels

      Yes, but it’s just a matter of when. Don’t expect it to be anytime soon. It’ll probably take some sort of injury during next season.

  3. Bobby

    Do you believe Geno Smith will ever be a starter again?

    • Mark Gunnels

      Yes, but whatever team brings him in, he won’t be a starter initially. However, all it takes is an injury to change that.

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