NFL Chat With Mark Gunnels –2/24/17

Join Mark Gunnels at 1:00 EST to discuss all things NFL and college football. Get your questions in now!Mark_Gunnels_Chat

  1. Matt

    What’s your early record prediction for the Lions?

    • Mark Gunnels

      Yeah, this is super early but 8-8 sounds about right. This is a very important offseason for them.

  2. Brent

    Do you think the Chiefs should go after Romo?

    • Mark Gunnels

      I think so. Alex Smith is a solid quarterback but he can’t make all of the throws like Romo can.

  3. George

    Where do you see Cutler going?

    • Mark Gunnels

      I believe the Jets makes plenty of sense. They need someone capable of throwing the ball down the field.

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