NFL Chat With Mark Gunnels –1/13/17

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  1. Geoff

    Who you got in the divisional round?

    • Mark Gunnels

      Patriots, Falcons, Steelers, and Packers. Houston has the defense to compete, but against Tom Brady, you’re not going to completely shut him down and Osweiler won’t be able to put up enough points. Atlanta is due and this isn’t a dominant Seattle team. Pittsburgh’s offense will be a little too much for KC and it’s difficult to bet against Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay’s improving defense right now.

  2. Dave

    Which quarterback is under the most pressure this weekend?

    • Mark Gunnels

      It has to be Dak Prescott. Although he’s a rookie, he hasn’t looked like one all season long and going up against Aaron Rodgers will be a tall order.

  3. John

    How much of a chance do you give Houston?

    • Mark Gunnels

      Slim to none. It would take a legendary performance from Brock Osweiler and for Houston’s defense to create two or more turnovers at least. Maybe more.