Buccaneers Take Jameis Winston 1st Overall- Full NFL Draft Analysis


As a surprise to virtually no one, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened the 2015 NFL Draft by selecting former FSU quarterback Jameis Winston.

Football Insiders will have immediate analysis on every single pick from the first three rounds of the draft, and most of Rounds 4-7.

“I understand the pick of Jameis Winston as the Buccaneers are desperate for a quarterback, and Winston is the most NFL-ready signal caller in this draft.  This was a certain needs-based draft pick and he should give the ticket sales department (where the Bucs have had major issues) a shot in the arm.  I believe that Marcus Mariota will ultimately be a better NFL quarterback as he’s more mature, has just as good of an arm and will be more coachable than Winston. “- Charlie Bernstein


“I would not want to make Jameis Winston the face of my franchise, but mercifully I am not the Bucs. Ultimately they are making the right choice for them based on team needs and Winston’s established popularity among a segment of their fanbase that prefers Florida State. He is definitely the most NFL-ready on-field quarterback in this draft, but I have serious reservations about his ability to not be a total goofball.” – Alex Hickey


“Jameis Winston isn’t the top player in the draft, and if we’re talking BPA, neither quarterback belongs in the Top 5. But this is the right pick for a Buccaneers team desperate for a) production from the quarterback position and b) relevance in their home state and the NFL at large. Winston has the football talent to give Tampa both of those things. Now we watch and wait to see what cost of that relevance will be due to Winston’s off the field shenanigans.” – Devon Jeffreys


“The Buccaneers surprised nobody by selecting Jameis Winston first overall, and now it’s time for him to prove his many doubters that they made the right selection. For Tampa Bay, this decision was easy. After a 2-14 season, Lovie Smith and Jason Licht didn’t have time to find out if Marcus Mariota could work in a pro-style offense. There might not be a franchise in football who understands how difficult it is to stumble into a franchise quarterback like the Buccaneers who have never really known the feeling of having a special signal caller. Jameis Winston gives the Buccaneers the best chance to be special and that’s why Tampa Bay had to make Winston the selection.”- Pat Donovan


“Lovie Smith is not in position to gamble. After a disastrous first season in charge, one in which the Buccaneers had the NFL’s No. 25 ranked passing attack, Smith knew he could not afford to miss on this pick. So he goes with Winston, a polished quarterback prospect with ample big-game experience. If Tampa Bay’s offense is to come back to life in 2015, it will be because the Bucs finally find a way to get the ball to Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans on a consistent basis. Winston, despite all his off-the-field issues, is the best man to make that happen.”- Michael Lombardo

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