Bruschi Wants Brady’s Suspension Thrown Out


Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi has been a vocal supporter of Tom Brady ever since the Deflategate controversy started.Reporters caught up with with Bruschi at his youth football camp on Tuesday, and he has not changed his stance. “I want Tom to battle this as best as he can. He’s a fighter, I’ve always known him as a fighter. I just don’t know when the decision will come out. We’re still waiting on the Greg Hardy verdict or the decision on the appeal,” said Bruschi. “A lot of people think, okay, the appeal is today so we’ll have answers tonight. That’s just not going to happen. This is still a long process.”I would like to see it eliminated completely . . . I support this organization 100 percent and I think there’s no way they should stop until it’s gone completely.”

Source:  CSNNE.com

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