Breaking Down The Eagles-Browns Trade: The Eagles Perspective


It has been reported by numerous outlets that the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns have agreed upon a deal to send Cleveland’s No. 2 overall pick in next week’s draft along with a conditional fourth round pick in 2017 to Philadelphia for the Eagles 2016 first round pick (No. 8 overall), the team’s third- and fourth-round picks this year as well as Philly’s first- and second-round picks in 2017.

As speculated upon earlier in the day, Eagles VP of personnel Howie Roseman needed to “shake things up” for the purpose of saving his own job and a new quarterback could do just that.

Obviously the Eagles feel very comfortable selecting either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, as barring an unforeseen trade to No. 1 (which they have virtually no ammunition for), they will select whoever is left over between the two after the Los Angeles Rams select their guy.

The entire Eagles offseason seems very inconsistent and poorly thought out.  If they had an earlier intention of making a huge move up near the top of the draft, they likely wouldn’t have re-signed Sam Bradford to a two-year, $36 million contract, nor would they have spent $21 million on a backup for Bradford in Chase Daniel.

At this point it appears that either Bradford or Daniel need to go, and knowing this will most certainly reduce any leverage that Philadelphia may have had.

It’s probably not Roseman’s place to say who starts at quarterback, but he did just that.  At the very least he likely inadvertently cost his new head coach some juice in the locker room with that statement, and at the most he cut his legs off.

Either way it was a rookie mistake for a veteran executive.

In summation, Philadelphia has to take a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick and if they can’t move either Bradford (which Roseman says they won’t) or Daniel (with virtually no leverage), they will likely have paid over $51 million to three quartebacks, none have ever started and led their NFL teams to a winning season.

On top of that, Roseman significantly mortgaged the future, trading away a good portion of their 2016 draft, as well as the top two selections in 2017.

Once again, this reeks of a general manager on the hot seat being reckless with the franchise’s future.

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