Bill Belichick Praises Julian Edelman’s Competitive Nature


There’s been a plethora of clutch catches in Super Bowl history, but New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman may have hauled in the most improbable one ever.

When the Pats were down eight, Edelman caught an impossible ball between three Atlanta Falcons defenders. At the time, no one thought anything of it, but after watching the replay, it was clear Edelman got his hand underneath the ball.

Head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t too surprised because he knows how badly Edelman wants it.

“I thought it was a close play,” Belichick said. “I wasn’t sure if he had it or not. Then when we saw the replay he was clearly under it. Julian has great concentration. He is a tremendous competitor. As good of a competitor as anyone that I have coached. This guy has played slot defensive back for us, returns kicks, covers kicks, blocks, catches tough passes, runs the ball for us on sweeps and stuff like that. He does whatever it takes. He made a tremendous play. It is not the first one he has made, but that was obviously a big one.”

Edelman finished the game with five catches for 87 yards, but no catch will top the one that put New England in Atlanta territory.

Source: Pro Football Talk

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