Best And Worst Draft Pick In Each Team’s History: AFC West


Denver Broncos

Best: Terrell Davis, RB

Without Terrell Davis, John Elway couldn’t win a Super Bowl. The former sixth-round pick may be the reason Elway not only won a Super Bowl, but also got into the Hall of Fame. He gave the Broncos a vaunted running attack that lifted them to new heights.

Worst: Tim Tebow, QB

Tim Tebow did win a playoff game with the Denver Broncos, but he did it on the backs of a fantastic defense and running game. Tebow has some horrible career stats and it is unbelievable that he was ever drafted to play quarterback. He is a very good analyst on ESPN though

Kansas City Chiefs

Best: Tony Gonzalez, TE

The best tight end in NFL history is also the best pick Chiefs history. Tony Gonzalez was the premier receiving tight end in NFL history. He was the first true receiving tight, which allowed him to fill up the stat sheet. As the NFL record holder for receptions, yards and touchdowns for a tight end, Gonzalez was a fantastic value for the Chiefs in the middle of the first round.

Worst: Todd Blackledge, QB

As is the case for many teams on this list, the Chiefs whiffed on a quarterback at the top of the first round, which led to the worst pick in their team’s history. Todd Blackledge was picked after John Elway, but before Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, which has to sting for Chiefs fans.

Oakland Raiders

Best: Art Shell, OT

The Oakland Raiders’ history is littered with great picks, but Art Shell stands out among them. The Raiders won two Super Bowls during his tenure, and he was named to eight Pro Bowls while being elected to the Hall of Fame in 1989.

Worst: Jamarcus Russell, QB

Jamarcus Russell had everything that you look for in a quarterback from a physical standpoint. However, a poor work ethic led to him never panning out. Russell could throw the ball 50 yards from his knees, but he was never able to accurately throw the ball on a consistent basis. Russell was one of the most talented quarterbacks in the last decade, but he didn’t work at his craft enough to fulfill his potential.

San Diego Chargers

Best: Rodney Harrison, S

He may be an awful analyst, but Rodney Harrison is one of the best defenders in the San Diego Chargers’ history. He did win two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, but he was a fantastic player for the Chargers as well. He was the leader of the defense and one of the best safeties in the league for a decade.

Worst: Ryan Leaf, QB

This was another easy one. Ryan Leaf was thought to be a quarterback in the same tier as Peyton Manning, but he gloriously flamed out with the Chargers. He couldn’t control his temper, and he didn’t have the temperament to make it in the NFL. The hot-headed quarterback never developed into a competent quarterback which made him one of the most infamous draft misses in NFL history.

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