Best And Worst Draft Pick In Each Team’s History: AFC South


Houston Texans

Best: J.J. Watt, DE

J.J. Watt is the best player in football right now, and he may end up as the best defender of all time. Watt is a force unlike anything we have ever seen. His unbelievable work ethic and incredible athletic ability have made him one of the most unstoppable forces in NFL history. It doesn’t matter where he was picked, Watt is the best pick of all time for the Houston Texans.

Worst: David Carr, QB

The Houston Texans’ worst pick was also their first pick. David Carr’s failures may not have been his fault, as he was playing behind one of the worst offensive lines of all time (sacked 249 times in five seasons), but he didn’t get close to living up to the hype. Who knows how well Carr would have developed if he had an adequate surrounding cast, but we do know they he wasn’t good enough to develop without one.

Indianapolis Colts

Best: Peyton Manning, QB

Peyton Manning is the best regular season quarterback of all time, and he brought the Colts a Super Bowl win. He may not seem like the best value as he was the first-overall pick, but when you get a quarterback as good as him, it is easy to say who the best pick in your franchise’s history was.

Worst: John Elway, QB

Many forget that John Elway was actually selected by the Indianapolis Colts and not the Denver Broncos. Matters were made worse by the fact that the Colts could have selected Eric Dickerson instead of Elway. The Hall of Fame quarterback never played a down for the Colts, and to top it all off, Indianapolis didn’t get nearly enough compensation for him.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Best: Fred Taylor, RB

Tony Boselli was another consideration, but the fact that Fred Taylor was selected seven picks after Boselli gives him the nod. Taylor was a tough running back who finished his career as the franchise leader in rushing yards. Taylor was the identity of the Jaguars team for almost a decade, which made him a great value pick for the Jaguars.

Worst: Derrick Harvey, DE

Derrick Harvey was the pick that never needed to happen. The Jacksonville Jaguars reached for Harvey in an attempt to fill a need and they paid for it. Harvey never panned out in the NFL, as he generated only eight sacks in three seasons with the Jaguars. Harvey was one of many missed Jaguars selections during the time, but he was the most egregious miss.

Tennessee Titans

Best: Bruce Matthews, OT

Offensive linemen need love too and while the Tennessee Titans had other great picks like Steve McNair and Eddie George, Bruce Matthews is the best among them. Widely heralded as one of the best offensive tackles of all time, Matthews went to 14 consecutive Pro Bowls in a Hall of Fame career. The Titans (then Oilers) hit a home run when they selected Matthews, and they barred the fruit of the pick for over a decade.

Worst: Pacman Jones, CB

Pacman Jones’ career started off great, but off-field issues derailed it in Tennessee. Jones has become a very good cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals but he could never regain his rookie form with the Titans. Jones was a series of off-field incidents, which proved to be too detrimental to keep him on the squad.

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