Best And Worst Draft Pick In Each Team’s History: AFC North


Baltimore Ravens

Best: Ray Lewis, LB

The Baltimore Ravens were able to grab one of, if not, the best linebacker in the history of the NFL at the end of the first round. Ray Lewis was the emotional leader of, quite possibly, the best defense in the NFL. Anytime who can grab one of the greatest players of all time, it is a great value.

Worst: Kyle Boller, QB

It was hard to find a lot of real misses by the Baltimore Ravens, but Kyle Boller is one of the few. Boller was supposed to be the leader of the Ravens offense and take them back to the promise land. Unfortunately for the Ravens, Boller is one of the many quarterback busts in the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals

Best: Tim Krumrie, DL

Tim Krumrie might be one of the best value picks in NFL history. He was selected in the 10th round, and he became one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL while he was healthy. He was a key stalwart in the Bengals Super Bowl run, and he was able to lead his team in tackles five times despite playing on the defensive line.

Worst: Ki-Jana Carter, RB

Unfortunately for the Cincinnati Bengals, they had a lot of options as to who would be the worst pick in their team’s history and Ki-Jana Carter gets the unfortunate distinction. He fought through a myriad of injuries throughout his career, which led to him becoming a huge bust.

Cleveland Browns

Best: Brian Sipe, QB

Most don’t know who Brian Sipe is, but the former 13th-round pick was a fantastic find for the Cleveland Browns. Sipe won the Most Valuable Player of the Year award in 1980, which is almost unimaginable for a quarterback selected so late. The Browns have a lot to be ashamed of, but Sipe isn’t one of them.

Worst: Tim Couch, QB

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had the best draft luck as of late and Tim Couch may have been the first domino to fall. Couch is one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL. The former first-overall pick was supposed to be the savior of the Browns franchise, but he turned out to be fodder for their rivals for years to come.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Best: Mel Blount, CB

Mel Blount was way before his time and one of the best cornerbacks of all time. The third-round draft choice was one of the catalysts of the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers defenses. Because he was so dominant, the NFL had to change their rules to give the receivers a chance.

Worst: Huey Richardson, DE

Huey Richardson only played one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is a monumental miss for a player who was selected in the first round. Ultimately, Richardson only played for two seasons in the NFL, which may qualify Richardson as one of the worst non-quarterback picks in NFL history. Historically, the Steelers have done a great job in the draft, but Richardson was a huge miss.

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