Antonio Gates Returns Returns for Chargers


An emotional last second win over the Cleveland Browns didn’t seem quite complete for Philip Rivers on Sunday. For 12 years, he’d been able to celebrate the highest of highs with one of his closest teammates. On Monday, he was able to do just that as Antonio Gates returned to Chargers Park following his four-game suspension. As he stood in the middle of the locker room reconnecting with his teammates, number 85 thought back to a phrase Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich used as he described his mindset about being back. “Frank had a term about rebooting, and that’s kind of basically what I’ve done,” he explained. “It’s like it’s all new again. It’s a new fresh start, and you have to come in and establish yourself all over again. Even though guys know me, have been around me and know the kind of person I am, that still doesn’t discredit the fact that you have to come out and do it. So I’m back ready to reestablish who I am as a player and who I am as a person.”

Source: Ricky Henne of Chargers.com

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