AFC South Draft Grades


Team: Tennessee Titans

Picks: Marcus Mariota (QB), Dorial Green-Beckham (WR), Jeremiah Poutasi (OL), Angelo Blackson (DT), Jalston Fowler (FB), David Cobb (RB), Deiontrez Mount (LB), Andy Galik (OC), Tre McBride

Pick value grade: Day 1 (A), Day 2, (B) Day 3 (A+)

Address needs: B+

Best value pick: Tre McBride

Worst value pick: Jeremiah Poutasi

Overall thoughts: Besides for the third and fourth round, the Titans had a fantastic draft. They got great value throughout and they really improved their team. Marcus Mariota isn’t really a fit in Ken Whisenhunt’s offense, but the Titans didn’t really have a choice in selecting him. Tre McBride and Andy Galik were both steals late in the draft and both should be able to make an immediate impact for the Titans.

What will we say about this class in 3 years: We will say that the Titans got great value throughout the draft. However, everyone will focus on Mariota and if he succeeded or not. If Whisenhunt elects to totally revamp his offense than it could be successful; however, if he doesn’t Mariota may be another in a long line of busts.

Overall grade: A- It it wasn’t for the third and fourth round, the Titans would have easily gotten an A+. Dorial Green-Beckham has his share of issues, but you can’t deny his immense talent. David Cobb could become a great running back and Jalston Fowler should make a huge difference as a full back. Andy Galik and Tre McBride could be the steals of the draft and we will look back and wonder how both fell so far.

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Picks: Phillip Dorsett (WR), D’Joun Smith (CB), Henry Anderson (DL), Clayton Geathers (S), David Perry (DT), Josh Robinson (RB), Amarlo Herrera (LB), Denzell Goode (OG)

Pick value grade: Day 1 (C+), Day 2 (B), Day 3 (B+)

Address needs: B

Best value pick: Josh Robinson

Worst value pick: D’Joun Smith

Overall thoughts: The Indianapolis Colts had a good draft, but they had a couple of reaches in the first two rounds. Phillip Dorsett is a speedster at wide receiver, but he doesn’t have the route-running ability to warrant a first-round pick. D’Joun Smith isn’t a bad player, but his value was more of a day-three pick than a second-round selection. Day-three was much better as they found good value in Josh Robinson and Amarlo Herrera.

What will we say about this class in 3 years: We will say that the Colts reached early, but found value late. The Colts may be disappointed in their first two picks, but they should feel ecstatic with the value they got Henry Anderson, Josh Robinson and Amarlo Herrera at. All three should develop into integral parts of the team.

Overall grade: B- I gave the Colts a B- because they reached with their early picks, but I really liked what they did late. David Perry was an extremely underrated defensive tackle and Henry Anderson was one of the most productive defensive linemen in college football last year. Josh Robinson could develop into a very good running back and Amarlo Herrera should become a solid starter.


Team: Houston Texans

Picks: Kevin Johnson (CB), Benardrick McKinney (LB), Jaelen Strong (WR), Keith Mumphrey (WR), Reshard Cliett (LB), Christian Covington (DT), Kenny Hilliard (RB)

Pick value grade: Day 1 (A), Day 2 (A), Day 3 (D+)

Address needs: A-

Best value pick: Jaelen Strong

Worst value pick: Keith Mumphrey

Overall thoughts: Kevin Johnson was a great pick in the first as he will immediately become the best cornerback on the Texans’ roster. Benardrick McKinney should be able to step in as a downhill thumper on first and second down. Jaelen Strong was an absolute steal in the third and the Texans made a ton of puzzling picks on day three.

What will we say about this class in 3 years: We will say that the Texans did great on days one and two, but they didn’t get any value on day three outside of Christian Covington. Johnson, McKinney and Strong should make a big impact for the Texans in the coming years, but the rest of the draft doesn’t appear to have the ability to warrant their selections.

Overall grade: B+ The Texans are carried by their first and second day picks as all three were great values and players who have Pro-Bowl potential. Outside of Covington, all the day three picks don’t appear to have the talent to stick around very long in the NFL.


Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Picks: Dante Fowler Jr. (Leo), T.J. Yeldon (RB), A.J. Cann (OG), James Sample (S), Rashad Green (WR), Michael Bennett (DT), Neal Sterling (WR), Ben Koyack (TE)

Pick value grade: Day 1 (C+), Day 3 (B+), Day 3 (A)

Address needs: A-

Best value pick: Michael Bennett

Worst value pick: Dante Fowler Jr.

Overall thoughts: Dante Fowler wasn’t a bad pick, but with the Jaguars should have gone elsewhere if they wanted an edge-rusher. Vic Beasley would have been a perfect fit as a Leo or Otto in the Jaguars scheme. Michael Bennett was an incredible get on day three and he should be able to come right in and make an impact as an under tackle for the Jaguars.

What will we say about this class in 3 years: We will say that Fowler Jr. wasn’t worth the third-overall pick, but that he isn’t a bad player. Also, we will say that Yeldon is a really good running back and that Bennett was a huge steal on day three.

Overall grade: B+ If the Jaguars would have went with Beasley instead of Fowler Jr. this would be an easy A. Fowler just doesn’t look like he can make an immediate impact as a pure pass-rusher as you have to scheme to find ways to get him free. Koyack was an interesting find in the seventh round and he could develop into a nice tight end for the Jaguars. Overall, they found value throughout the draft and they should be happy with their haul.



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