Adam Gase Speaks On Team’s Maturity Level


For several years now, the Miami Dolphins have been searching for a winning formula. Under rookie year head coach Adam Gase, they’ve found the winning touch. Sometimes in this league, it takes a little good fortune and other times, it just takes some growing up.

According to Gase, it was the latter for this Dolphins ballclub.

“It starts really with we’ve eliminated all of the type of nonsense that most of the teams around the NFL [don’t] have during the week — guys being late, guys getting fined, having practices that really are not energetic, and you’re not getting things done the way you need to,” Gase said on the call. “We’ve really turned around as far as a maturity standpoint of our younger guys doing things right, our veterans doing a good job of showing these guys the right way to do things, day in and day out. I think that’s been our biggest turnaround as far as just doing all of the things leading up to the game, and then on Sunday, that’s at least giving us our best chance to know what to do and to execute our game plan.”

Currently, the Dolphins hold claim to the last playoff spot in the AFC.

Source: NFL

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