Adam Gase Hired By Dolphins: Instant Reaction


The Miami Dolphins head coaching search has come to an end, and former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase has been tabbed as the guy to lead Miami out of last place in the AFC East.

“We did exhaustive research on all of the candidates ahead of time and conducted thorough and detailed interviews with each person,” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said.  “In the end, I was convinced and the search committee was unanimous was the right leader for our football team who best met all of our priorities.  He has high-energy, is competitive and driven to win with a mindset of teaching and developing players.”

Gase’s work over the past few years with quarterbacks Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow made him the hottest assistant and thus gave him his choice of available jobs.

The primary duty of what is now the youngest head coach in the NFL (at 37 years old) will be to salvage the career of Ryan Tannehill, who has raw abilities, but hasn’t progressed at the rate that the Dolphins would have hoped after selecting him with the seventh-overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Making life tougher for Tannehill has been the three different offensive coordinators he’s had in his first four seasons and now Gase’s system will be the fourth in five years.  Still, Gase has an excellent track record of squeezing the most out of his quarterback’s abilities, and the former Texas A & M standout is mobile, can make all the throws and is accurate on the run.

Aside from fixing Tannehill, the biggest duty for Gase will be to hire a defensive coordinator that can get the most out of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, as the Dolphins made him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history last offseason.

There are many reasons why Gase took the Dolphins job over other openings in Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco.  Where Tannehill may not be as good as Eli Manning, he has a much better roster to work around in Miami.  Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Francisco have basically flat-lined in terms of overall roster talent and aside from the Eagles, the two other ownership structure’s have been an absolute mess.

Gase is banking on the roster talent performing to their abilities and ownership staying out of the way, both of which could be longshots.

At the very least, Florida has no state income tax and the millions that he will receive from the Dolphins will be worth approximately 6-8 percent more, although the cost of living in South Florida should eat that up relatively quickly.

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