Aaron Rodgers: Not Even Peyton Calls His Own Plays


How many of you had this thought when Mike McCarthy decided this offseason to give up play-calling duties: The Green Bay Packers’ coach should just hand the job over to Aaron Rodgers and let the quarterback call plays like Peyton Manning does? Except there’s one problem with that. “Well, Peyton doesn’t do that,” Rodgers said during a recent interview. “Nobody does that.” In one statement, Rodgers not only acknowledged the importance of a playcaller but also debunked a popular myth about the five-time NFL MVP. Sure, the best and most experienced quarterbacks in the NFL have more freedom at the line of scrimmage than the neophytes. But to hear Rodgers tell it, there’s no such thing as a combination quarterback/playcaller. Even the great ones, Manning included, receive plays in their helmet speaker from someone on the sideline or in the coaches’ box. “I think everybody would want a starting point,” Rodgers said. “We all have moments where we have [called the plays], whether it’s a no-huddle situation or two-minute. Everybody wants a starting point. It’s tough to have to call every single play, so it’s always nice when you can have a good starting point and you can make a slight adjustment if you have to.”

Source: Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com

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